Event: Thursday 26th July – A Found Sound Special with Mark Vernon

We haven’t even had our official launch and there is already a prize for “most poked” CDs in the shop. Anyone who’s been in has probably had a stroke of the little Scottish Tartan pocket and looked a little perplexed at the copper creation “Mort aux Vaches” (pictured).

But of course, this being an invisible picture palace, the objects are only a part of the story. For the adventurous souls who’ve had a listen to the CDs inside, there’s a world of  experimental audio collage, soundscapes and found sound  to be discovered, the work of Glasgow-based sound artist Mark Vernon.

And so it seems right and proper that on the 26th July at 7.30pm (our first event after the launch) Mark will join us to talk about his work and, in particular, the world of “Found Sound” – the discarded casettes and home recordings that can be found by anyone in junk shops, car boot sales (and, of course, the invisible picture palace).

Tickets: £4.00 or £5.00 on the door

Where: The Wapping Project Glasshouse

When: 26th July, 7.30pm


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