Residency: Getting Better Acquainted Live, 16th – 21st of November

The Getting Better Acquainted podcast is coming to the Invisible Picture Palace for 5 nights of “live” conversations which will be recorded in the glasshouse in front of an audience.

Each one will last for around an hour and 15 minutes and will follow the show’s usual format, with space added in for questions from the audience towards the end of the episode.

GBA is a show which we follow Dave Pickering on his journey to get better acquainted with the people he knows, from his closest friends and family to people he might have met once at a party. There are lots of shows about famous people. This is a show about the rest of us.

Dave’s work was nominated for the Sony Best Internet Programme Award in 2009 and the Best Online Creator Award in the 2012 Radio Production Awards. GBA was recently featured on Helen and Olly’s Required Listening on Radio 5 Live.

The 5 nights will have a varied range of guests, some of whom work in the medium of audio. The guests will be announced very soon and all of them are really worth hearing in conversation. The recordings will be released online at regular intervals as a strand of Getting Better Acquainted.

Come along and be present as we capture a conversation in a glasshouse.

These events are free.


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