Event: Thursday 25th October – An History of Chorus with Andrew Miller and Duncan McAfee

Supposing that one might be able to tell more about a particular culture by what it throws away, An History of Chorus is an archive of choral records bought from charity shops and junk stores.

The growing collection was first exhibited at the Henry Peacock Gallery and fa projects in 2004 and consisted at that time of over 350 records. These are all catalogued and referenced by choir so that visitors to the archive can select and listen to recordings. The catalogue contains a discussion between The Miller and McAfee Press and Graeme Kay, an authority on the history of choral music and broadcaster for BBC Radio 3.

The archive will be exhibited at The Invisible Picture Palace for 7 days from 18th October and visitors during this period are invited to select a track to be played from the archive at the listening event. Andrew Miller and Duncan McAfee will play these recordings along with selections of their own at the live event.

Duncan McAfee and Andrew Miller have been collaborating as artists as The Miller and McAfee Press since 1999


When: Thursday 25th October 2012
Where: Invisible Picture Palace, The Wapping Project, E1W 3SG
Tickets: £3 in advance, £4 on the door.


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